Service Policy

OGİS Chemical Limited Company

Service Policy

1- Customer Satisfaction Main principle of Ogis Chemical is customer satisfaction since its inception.We must follow changes of customer's attitudes everytime in systematic way and we must learn customers' demand from us.

2- Innovation We must follow the new technological developments activities and business methods.Our company uses new the latest technological methods in to all processes.

3- No Mistake Our main principle is servicing to our customers perfectly with using the best methods. Work place and we must always develop this situation.

4- Personnel Development and Satisfaction We must supply comfortable,stated place for our personnels and we must develop this always.

5- Management with Process and Data We must manage our processes and acts systematically and take our partners' advices to reach our main aims and goals.Our managers are responsible to manage this process and integration of aims.

6- Continuous Learning "Institutional Learning" is very important for our company in all strategies and processes.Our company always develops learning methods like fair, technical excursion, team workship, education, domestic and foreign seminars

7- Institutional Social Responsibility Our company's "Institutional Social Responsibility" is making a contribution for better community and better environment. Our "Institutional Social Responsibility"; - Economical; to be ethic and profitable, - Jural; decency, - Ethic; acting social norms consistently. - Social; resolving social affairs as a volunteer.

8- Contact Total quality culture can be developed with communication media ideally. We must establish the communication media and use the latest communication media tools.

9- Creation of Value for Partners We always work with our partners about total quality rival business,logistic management etc. So we share our business systems with partners. We work together to develop the new products, services and processes.

10- Total Participation Our company's organizations must be developed for total quality management. Our personnel must be encouraged to take initiative to be able to increase individual and team works. Our leaders must lead participant management with their acts.

11- Environmental Conscious Main principle of our leaders and personnels is making a contribution for better enviroment.

12- Change Developing customer strategies with global market economic, directing customers with learning,using alternative and developing technologies,being information age company with understanding the biggest capital is human and personnel.